HP Consumer History

following a vision

In 1995 HP didn’t have any expertise in Consumer Markets, nor Retail Channels. HP operation was based on traditional dealer channels, distributors, etc … A small group of visionaries decided to launch HP as a Consumer Brand, so become a Retail Strategic Partner. We had to learn each specific of the business so create our own tradition.

bold strategy

Since the beginning, HP Consumer launched complete new business model, targetting new customer segments (consumers), new branding elements, new channel strategy, new team skills, etc … Overcoming internal resistance and barriers, we defined a full set of new business practices. We change our focus from traditional office users to young consumers, using disruptive messaging and positioning. Transitioning from “useful” to “cool”. The result was to achieve absolute Brand leadership


HP Consumer engaged with market leaders & experts. We partnered with well stablished Consumer companies to learn best practices and set alliances. Kodak, Levi Strauss, Columbia, National Geographic, Nokia, etc … The partnership approach was also set with key Retailers, so we built strategic relationships with them all. We learnt best practices from the best