Strategic Accounts

key european retailers

Kodak was present in most relevant European retailers. Selling photo cameras, photo printing services, and consumer inkjet printers. I managed those relationships, with companies that included: The Dixons group, FNAC, Media Markt, etc …

in store photo printing

In Carrefour, DM (Germany) and Boots (UK) strategic relationship included the design of branded areas, harmonized with the look&feel of the stores.

DSG Alliance

Kodak and the Dixons Group defined a strategic alliance. As well as listing Kodak branded products, Kodak supplied printers for DSG Advent private brand. Both Kodak and Advent printers reached 25% share of DSG printer sales.

consumer inkjet printers

Kodak Consumer Inkjet printers were introduced in most European key retailers, including El Corte Ingles and MediaMarkt. This introduction was challenging in a mature category, largelly dominated by HP.